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For several decades, this firm has been helping people navigate the complex and often emotionally draining process of divorce. We do see amicable divorces where spouses agree on the terms, but we also see the polar opposite. We help people stay grounded as we guide them through the process and look out for their best interests. Our services include helping with all aspects of divorce including:


  • Division of marital assets (equitable distribution)
  • Child support
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Spousal support
  • Revising custody and support agreements
  • Enforcing agreements and court orders
  • Pendente lite orders

Guidance Through Child Custody And Support Arrangements

The most important element considered by the court to determine child custody in Virginia is the “best interests” of the child. Virginia Code Section 20-124.3 states the factors the court must consider to determine child custody and visitation. The factors include the age, physical condition and mental condition of each parent and child; the existing relationship between each parent and child; the needs of the child, and in some cases, the preference of the child; family history; and other factors as well. Review the Virginia Code section for more detail and other factors.

See the following PDF to review the factors relevant to child support and spousal support cases. Virginia Code Section 20-108.2 states the presumptive child support guidelines, which are based upon the gross income of each parent, the number of children and other factors. Each parent should watch the video, Spare the Child, a project of the Virginia State Bar Family Law Section through a generous grant from the Virginia Law Foundation, regarding the problems for children created by parents.


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