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Always Challenge Tickets And Traffic Violations

Even minor traffic tickets can have greater consequences than you imagine. In addition to the fines and court costs, traffic convictions may significantly increase your insurance premiums, and if you accrue too many points, you could even lose your privilege to drive.

You already know that charges for DUI or reckless driving must be taken seriously and could land you in jail. You might not know that traveling 86 mph in a posted 70 mph zone, or driving with defective brakes, is also reckless driving. The maximum penalty for such a charge is 12 months in jail and a $2500 fine and possible suspension of your operator’s license. These are not charges you want to ignore. Contact us to learn about the possible defenses and your rights.

Low-Cost Initial Consultations

We understand that it might not always appear to make financial sense to hire an attorney to help you with a speeding charge – even though you would like to have help from an attorney. For that reason, we offer general consultations to discuss the charges and relevant law with you, at a modest price. If you choose to hire us to represent you in court, we charge a price that makes sense.

If you are out of town and do not want to appear at the hearing, in some cases we can appear on your behalf, saving you the time and expense of traveling to court.

Department Of Motor Vehicle Points

Click on the following link to see a PDF file prepared by the Department of Motor Vehicles. It shows the points for various offenses and the number of years the offenses remain on your record. Keep in mind that in determining your premiums, your auto insurance carrier might consider other factors as well as your point balance. Virginia DMV Offenses and Points

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